AtomCrew 1200 Smart Modern ADU Turnkey


ADU modern look state of the art Smart homes ADU Turnkey A 1200 Sqft ADU 2 bedroom 2 bath and modern looking stunning folding glass doors with all the hitech smart feature solar panel , energy efficient , for ADU AKA accessory apartment [example] accessory dwelling [example] accessory dwelling unit (the most commonly used term among planners, but weirdly, not used currently on Wikipedia) accessory suite (used here to specify an attached ADU) accessory unit ADU ancillary unit backyard cottage basement apartment carriage house dawdy house (among Amish) garden cottage (used here to specify a detached ADU) garden suite (used mostly in Canada) Grand Retreat (a commercial name) [example] granny cottage granny flat granny pod [example] granny unit home within a home (used by Lennar marketing) [example] in-law in-law suite in-law unit “JADU” or “junior accessory dwelling unit” — a small, internal ADU [example] laneway house mother-in-law flat “mother-daughter” or “mother/daughter” house [example] multigenerational homes [example] Next Gen (a commercial name) [example] Ohana unit (in Hawaii) [example 1] [example 2] SDU secondary suite (more common name in Canada) second unit secondary unit secondary dwelling unit sidekick tiny house [sometimes these are ADUs, sometimes not — see this] two-family house [example]



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