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When Choosing a Home, Size Matters


When choosing a home, size matters. Finding the ideal balance between space and price can be difficult, and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you commit to buying your next home. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect place that will fit your lifestyle while still being within your budget constraints.

Picking a Condo Over Townhouses
Condos can be a great way to live in a smaller home that’s right for you. When choosing between condos and townhouses though, there are a few things to consider before making your final decision. In many cases it’s good to think about what type of lifestyle you have – do you like to host big gatherings or is more intimate space more your style? Do you have kids? Do you like some nature around or do buildings near each other with fences suit your needs better? In other words: size matters. Townhouses aren’t always bigger than condos but when it comes to seating space, outdoor area and parking options they often do come out on top; if these are things that matter to you too then townhouses may be worth looking into.

Picking Apartments Over Condos
It’s tempting to move into a condo or townhouse that overlooks a lake or has access to lots of amenities. But if you’re looking for space, those options might not give you everything you need. While living in an apartment can come with its own drawbacks—sharing walls and floors with other units is never ideal—it may be more cost-effective than buying or renting out additional space in your home or purchasing another unit entirely. Think about it: If you live in an apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, adding on another bedroom and bathroom would cost much more than simply moving into a larger space that comes fully equipped with them from day one. And while some condos and townhouses are spacious enough to accommodate extra rooms, others aren’t. For example, some only have room for a single kitchen sink. When choosing between condos and apartments, think about how many people will be living there full time (not just part time) as well as what each unit offers in terms of size versus price.

When Small Spaces Aren’t Such A Bad Thing
Small spaces can often be seen as undesirable. These tiny spaces are often seen as cramped, crowded, and at times unpleasant to be in. However they don’t have to be that way. With some slight adjustments in thought process and organization of your belongings you can turn any space into a cozy home where you’re not worried about bumping into things or running out of space for belongings. The key is understanding what small really means for you; if your car can fit into an open parking spot then it’s likely your home will too. Once you understand how much space you need to live comfortably, getting everything organized is easy. If there’s no more room on your desk for papers, put them on a bookshelf instead. If there’s no more room in your closet for clothes, hang them on a coat rack instead. A little bit of planning goes a long way when living in small spaces.

Other Important Factors
Convenience is king when it comes to location. You’ll be doing tons of commuting between your home and wherever you work—unless you telecommute, of course—so make sure that your place isn’t too far from where you spend most of your time. Parking can also be an issue; it’s much easier to park a small car than it is to parallel park a large one. It might sound like there’s no ideal solution here… but hey, nothing in life is ever perfect!

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