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Tips to Protect Your Construction Site


As an owner of a construction company, it’s your job to make sure your workers are safe on the job site, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your responsibility to the public. Whether you’re working on infrastructure or building private residences, security is just as important as safety – and in many cases, even more so! Here are some tips to protect your construction site from all threats of theft or damage while keeping your workers and the general public safe.

Security at night
Night shift workers are especially susceptible to attacks on their sites, due to a lack of staff. Even with a security guard hired specifically for night duty, it’s important that your site is protected from all angles. One way of making sure that no outsiders access your construction site at night is by installing a comprehensive alarm system which detects movement and sound at great distances. Not only will it stop would-be robbers in their tracks; if an intruder does get through, it will scare them off before they can cause any damage or steal anything valuable. A good alarm system will also include floodlights and cameras so you can see who’s on your site at all times. If you do decide to install cameras, make sure you have enough coverage so nothing gets missed. When choosing where to place them, remember that burglars often work in pairs: try not to overlook vulnerable blind spots near doors and windows. Make sure you protect yourself from every angle when it comes to keeping intruders out of your construction site!

Security during the day
At night, most construction sites are locked down by a fence and an army of security guards. During daylight hours, there are many things you can do (and should do) to minimize any theft or damage on your site. Here are a few quick tips: lock up valuables (especially expensive equipment), install surveillance cameras, hire an armed guard if necessary. You may also want to take measures like fencing off particularly valuable areas of your site. For example, a quarry would be at high risk for being dug out during work hours. It’s important that you don’t neglect physical security—while it may not always be necessary to build fences around your entire project area, it is definitely worth considering in some cases. The last thing you want is thieves making off with some crucial machinery while you’re away from work!
With proper physical security in place during working hours, nighttime security becomes much less important—it’s easy enough for someone looking to steal something big and heavy like a crane to wait until everyone has gone home before they act!

Security in dangerous areas
Generally speaking, it’s more cost-effective to store your products at a centralized facility than on individual construction sites. Having your products distributed amongst multiple locations dramatically increases their risk of being stolen, vandalized or even lost. Although it’s important to protect what’s stored at each site, there are some very simple steps you can take that will go a long way towards keeping them all safe. Here are a few tips

Security in valuables areas
Many construction sites contain valuable equipment and materials which may also be expensive. To protect your company’s stock, as well as your staff, you should install various security measures on site. These could include physical barriers or guards; CCTV is an effective way of monitoring and recording events. Installing a sign which states that trespassers will be prosecuted will also act as a deterrent for those considering theft. Finally, installing lighting on site can make it harder for burglars to access places they shouldn’t. If possible, try to install lights which are motion-activated so that they only turn on when needed.

Security when machines are disassembled/ assembled
When machinery and valuable materials are disassembled or assembled, there is an increased chance of theft occurring. To make sure that these items are well protected, a good idea would be to have security staff on standby when these actions are being carried out. In addition, you may also want to consider having round-the-clock security patrols in place on your site as well. The more likely it is that these materials will be damaged or stolen while they’re unattended, after all, and at times like these a little extra help from expert security staff is never a bad thing. If you can afford it, then you should go for 24/7 security surveillance—this will mean that your construction site will have constant monitoring throughout every moment of every day. This will ensure that no one has any opportunity to damage or steal anything without being caught red handed. There’s nothing worse than coming back to work on a site only to find something missing, so prevention is always better than cure!

Security of material storage facilities
Materials that are being used for a construction site should be kept in material storage facilities. They will usually consist of sheds or lock-ups made from strong materials that can resist damage and theft. Keeping valuable machinery and materials is only possible if they are stored in a secure place where outsiders cannot access them, especially at night when security is at its weakest. You should also ensure that your workers aren’t carrying anything of value on their person while they’re working, as they may be robbed while on site! Make sure you remind all workers that cash, electronic equipment such as phones and tablets, laptops and jewellery should never be brought onto a building site – even if it isn’t your own business! If you suspect that something has been stolen from your site, call the police immediately so they can take action. It’s not just your property that needs protecting either – make sure you have adequate insurance cover for any accidents or injuries suffered by workers on site. If someone is hurt and has to go to hospital then make sure they get immediate medical attention, regardless of whether they have private health insurance or not. The last thing you want is an injured worker taking legal action against you because they were left waiting in pain before receiving treatment!

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