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The Advantages of Prefabricated Metal Buildings


Prefabricated metal buildings use galvanized steel and galvalume steel, as well as treated lumber to create building structures that offer numerous advantages over conventional concrete or wood buildings. Prefabricated metal buildings are usually shipped to the construction site in sections that have been laser-cut and bent, so they can be pieced together quickly and easily without any extra fasteners or welding needed, which means less time spent on the construction site and more time on the job earning income. One of the main advantages of prefabricated metal buildings is their cost-effectiveness.

What Are They Made Of?
Galvanized steel is often chosen for its rust-resistant properties. Galvalume is a type of galvanized steel that also has a thin layer of aluminum applied to it, which provides additional protection against rust and corrosion. If you’re on a budget, galvanized steel may be cheaper than other building materials—but it’s typically more expensive than aluminum. Overall, however, there are many advantages to using metal as opposed to wood or masonry in your prefabricated building project. When compared with similar structures built from masonry or wood construction materials, prefab metal buildings have higher energy efficiency ratings and can actually reduce utility costs over time through better insulation value and resistance to temperature change from outside weather conditions.

What Are Their Benefits?
There are many advantages to using prefabricated metal buildings. The building material is weather resistant, making it ideal for uses that may be exposed to extreme elements. Galvanized steel also prevents any rusting and corrosion from occurring, making it sturdy enough to use in harsh environments. Most buildings built with metal can last upwards of 50 years, which means they will provide plenty of use before having to be replaced. Since they can be built quickly and customized based on need, metal buildings can also save time and money over traditional construction methods.

How Long Do They Last?
The galvanized steel and galvalume used in prefabricated metal buildings are far more durable than those made from other building materials. Galvanized steel is created by immersing sheets of steel in a bath containing hot zinc, which produces an extremely tough, corrosion-resistant material that will last for many years. Many garages and outbuildings built today use galvanized steel that was installed over 30 years ago; some are still going strong today! Galvalume is similar to galvanized steel, but it also includes aluminum to increase strength and provide insulation. It’s commonly used in building materials because it can be easily molded into various shapes—the majority of commercial greenhouses make use of galvalume panels.

What Is Their Maintenance Like?
When you purchase a prefabricated metal building, you’re not just buying a single piece of property or structure. You’re buying peace of mind. Unlike other buildings, prefabricated metal buildings don’t require painting or regular maintenance—two things that can be costly and time-consuming. The good news is that these building systems are designed to last for decades with minimal intervention from the owner. For example, they are routinely engineered to last 50 years without rotting, fading or chipping. In fact, many prefabricated metal buildings have been in use for more than 100 years with little maintenance!

Are There Other Advantages?
All commercial and industrial buildings fall under OSHA regulations, which means prefab metal buildings are subject to those same rules. Even so, pre-engineered metal buildings do not require special certification or approvals before being erected on site. Many of these structures can be built without specialty equipment and are relatively straightforward to assemble once they arrive at your construction site. These building also come with warranties that typically last 25 years and sometimes longer. The galvanized steel and galvalume used to construct many pre-engineered metal buildings provides strength, durability, safety, and versatility; all qualities that make it a great choice for a variety of applications including retail locations, warehouses, offices, manufacturing facilities, garages, hotels/motels/resorts/condos—the list goes on!

Do They Require Special Certification or Approvals?
No. While it’s true that a prefabricated metal building must follow local building codes, most prefab buildings are approved under a national model code. This means they can be shipped anywhere in the country and erected in accordance with local ordinances. Galvanized steel and galvalume are both considered acceptable metals to use for framing, so there is no need to apply for special approval or certification before erecting a prefab metal building. Other materials such as wood framing require a stamp of approval from an engineer or other qualified individual before construction can begin.

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