Should You Use a Used Shipping Container for Your Office Move?


Relocating an office can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re moving a large number of people and big equipment and supplies into a new space that needs to be set up quickly. Whether you need to move your entire office or just relocate a few key items, it’s smart to consider using repurposed shipping containers as part of your office move plan to save time and money, eliminate waste, and help the environment while reducing your carbon footprint. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of using used shipping containers in an office move? How do you choose the right container company? What other factors need to be considered?

Pros of using a used shipping container
Using shipping containers is convenient because they are strong, durable and easy to stack. For example, some companies use them as prefab offices (which can be cheaper than traditional office space). Additionally, using recycled materials is better for our environment because it reduces waste and saves resources. Whether your business has been in one place for years or you’re moving from one location to another, looking into used shipping containers as an option is worth considering. It may save you time and money! And, if nothing else, you can always use these steel boxes for storage at your new location.

Cons of using a used shipping container
When compared to traditional storage options, such as self-storage units or renting/buying a moving truck, shipping containers are generally more expensive. And while they may be more durable than steel cages, there’s also risk involved with using used shipping containers. The container could have defects and use of these units in indoor spaces can pose health risks; make sure you inspect it thoroughly before loading up your things. There are also regulations regarding moving containers on roadways that vary from state to state, so you should look into your local laws if you’re considering using these for office moves. Finally, because of their size and weight, shipping containers aren’t always an option when transporting large items.

And if you do use one anyway…
Before deciding whether or not to use a used shipping container, you should check with your local municipality to make sure you have all of your required permits. If you can’t find out ahead of time and need to move quickly, it’s okay to go ahead and get started. Once you have everything in place, getting started is simple! First, make sure that your business is ready to move. In order to set up shop right away, it’s important that you already have access rights or permission from relevant authorities.

Steps to picking the right shipping container
These containers are available in 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot lengths. Choose carefully, as moving an unsuitable size can complicate your move and be expensive. For example, you’ll need eight 20-foot shipping containers to make one full load of freight on most trucks. Talk to your local movers about which sizes are best for your company’s needs—they can also provide you with estimates of what size container you’ll need based on how much office furniture you’re moving. Before buying used shipping containers or renting them from companies like Uhaul or Budget, consider whether there might be other factors that could benefit your business more than having offices in shipping containers.

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