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Should the World Go Modular?

Today, modular construction is often synonymous with off-the-shelf building products, which are shipped as individual components and assembled at a later time. However, modular construction goes far beyond the boxes and bolts of traditional construction. Today, modular offers a completely new building strategy and product line, one that offers a unique opportunity for homeowners to build homes for less, without sacrificing quality. Today, modular construction offers more personalization than traditional construction and helps you build more affordably.
Should the world go modular?
modular units, the inherent flexibility of which offers a potential for a host of concrete applications, from efficient vehicle construction to lightweight, prefabricated shelter, to extremely versatile modular homes, containers and other manufactured products.
The world is increasingly modular—scattered, and sometimes far apart, are manufacturing facilities, data centers, and cloud-based computing services. This means that instead of being reliant on a single large factory to manufacture all of their parts, companies can more easily locate where the particular item is being made, and send the item directly to that site.
There’s strong support from engineering and industrial design experts that modular design — building parts that can be assembled into something new — can add value to products and increase the speed at which they are developed.
Creating new things, or improving what we already have, is creative, and it happens.
New modular factories can greatly reduce the cost of constructing a new product.
Today, most people build their own entire homes from standard building materials, brick and mortar. A modular home, on the other hand, is a home that is built “off-the-shelf
The global innovation sector — the part of the economy that is responsible for nearly two-thirds of global economic output and accounts for most of the world’s advanced technology companies — is at a crossroads. The sector is highly innovative, yet much of it is built on old, outdated technologies that have long passed their prime. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for leading companies to innovate.
In addition, modular design offers a host of other benefits, such as the ability to build a stronger, safer, and more resilient product.

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