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Make Luxury Affordable: The Heritage is a 6800 square foot home appraised at $895000


Just because you want to live in luxury doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to make it happen. The Heritage, a 6800 square foot home appraised at $895000, provides a breathtaking example of what the newest home and exterior trends can look like without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. As you may know, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to homes, but this property is built with more than enough material to last decades while costing much less than the competition.

A Modern View of Traditional Home Design
The more expensive your dream home, the more likely you’ll get it, says David Hood, owner of Highfield Homes. That’s because heritage homes aren’t quite as common in Edmonton, so they tend to be in higher demand. To provide an example of what he means by affordable luxury, Hood shares his company’s latest design project with us: The Heritage. A stunning 6000-square-foot residence built on an 87×122 lot in Argyll, Alberta (about 45 minutes west of Edmonton), The Heritage combines modern and traditional design with lots of unique touches.

Breathtaking Interior Design with Premium Materials
For those of us who have our heart set on luxury, there are ways to make it affordable. At 5600 sqft, The Heritage is one of Canada’s most sought-after properties and provides a breathtaking example of what affordable luxury can be. With floor to ceiling windows overlooking vibrant city views, 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, elegant living areas complimented by professional grade kitchens and more—you’ll never want to leave. An open concept design with premium quality finishing materials such as hardwood floors and marble countertops makes for easy entertaining.

Grand Foyer
This three-story foyer and grand staircase are central to creating an impressive first impression for those entering your home. It’s all about creating drama, not just from what you see, but from what you feel. When people walk into a room, they sense it before they see it—so your design has to create strong feelings of comfort and warmth. Once you achieve that emotional engagement with your new design, then you can truly say you’ve made luxury affordable.

Living Room
To keep costs down, most experts agree that you shouldn’t spend more than 20% of your home’s total value on any single room. For example, with a fully-furnished price tag of around $895,000, that means you should be aiming to spend about $179,900 on your living room alone (this doesn’t even take into account special features like outside lighting or built-in seating). Fortunately for you and your budget, all that jaw-dropping luxury comes with very affordable prices. We found amazing designers who can work within these constraints and exceed expectations in other ways—you may be surprised just how affordable it is to live like royalty.

Dining Room
With its four finely crafted walls of glass, one can’t help but feel as if they are dining on top of the world. With floor to ceiling windows and private balcony access, guests can enjoy breathtaking views that span for miles and will take your breath away time and time again. If enjoying breakfast with a sunrise or dinner with an open sunset isn’t enough to make you fall in love with your experience in our masterpiece, then how about cozying up by our beautiful gas fireplace? This room exemplifies luxury in every sense of the word.

Master Bedroom
As of 2015, floor to ceiling windows are on-trend for master bedrooms, so if you’re planning to build your dream house in 2016 and want to stay ahead of design trends, you might consider going with that style. Energy efficiency can be very important in most rooms of your house—especially areas like guest bedrooms, kitchens and hallways—but even more so in areas like master bedrooms. Window treatments are probably one of the least expensive ways to increase energy efficiency by reducing heat loss through an exposed glass wall. With cost per window measured in hundreds or thousands instead of tens or hundreds of thousands, it makes sense that it would make sense to invest in some kind of window treatment.

Pool and Spa Area
For those that love luxury, consider installing an outdoor spa. While it can cost up to $30,000, depending on location and accessories, many people enjoy using hot tubs for relaxation. On average, clients tend to spend about 30 minutes in their hot tub per visit – so even with three visits a week (once during peak season), you’ll see that investment pay off after just one month! Plus if you have friends or relatives visiting from out of town – or want to bring family over from out of state – nothing beats an evening in your own personal Jacuzzi.

Guest House with Office Space and Full Bathroom.
You’ll also find private guest house with full bathroom, office space and balcony. The open concept downstairs offers a large kitchen, dining room and living room with floor to ceiling windows that overlooks two acres of landscaped grounds, fish pond and fountains. A stunning spiral staircase leads up to 4 bedrooms with high ceilings, crown molding and master suites. Upstairs you will find all bathrooms have been updated while maintaining classic style.

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