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Ending the Modular Homes Misconception – Why They’re Actually a Great Choice for Your Home


Modular homes have been steadily growing in popularity over the last decade, and it’s not hard to see why — you can get an affordable, beautiful home in less time than it takes to build a typical custom home, and with lower stress levels since everything’s been done ahead of time! But some people still think modular homes are cheap, ugly, and somehow inferior to custom-built houses. That’s not true at all! Here’s how you can set the record straight on this common misconception about modular homes.

5 Pros and Cons of Modular Homes
1. Rapid Construction – Building modular homes can reduce construction time by as much as 30%. Not only does it take less time to build, but once you own your home you can move in faster too! 2. Less Mess and Less Waiting – By assembling modules off-site, builders don’t have to leave big holes in your yard during construction. And since you live somewhere else while waiting for your new home, there’s no need to house you or put a roof over your head during that waiting period either. 3. More Interior Options – Because some rooms are built off-site, owners of modular homes tend to get more variety when it comes to what their new home looks like on the inside . . . 4.

Faster Construction Time
Because modular homes are built in a factory and transported to their destination, they don’t need to endure weather conditions that can delay construction. So it takes far less time — often just 8 days — to go from start to finish on modular homes compared with custom-built homes that spend as much as 14 months sitting in a builder’s lot. Plus, since some modular home designs offer 3D walkthroughs of actual rooms, you can have an idea of what your home will look like before you sign on (and even see what appliances are being used). This eliminates much of the guesswork associated with custom building and gives you an idea of how your new home will actually fit into your life so you won’t be blindsided by anything.

Faster Re-Sale Time
Contrary to popular opinion, modular homes are actually easier to resell than other types of homes. When you buy a modular home, it’s an investment—something that you can sell if you need to without losing money. Most people use modular homes as second homes or vacation properties. Because they know they can re-sell their home quickly and easily, they have no problem making improvements while living in their home. This keeps costs down and increases resale value when they do decide to sell. In fact, many modular homes hold their value better than custom homes. The reason is simple: People understand what modular homes are because they see them all over town. A custom home is unique; there aren’t very many like it around so buyers don’t really know what to expect. In addition, most modular home builders offer warranties on components like appliances and flooring that help with resale time too.

Lower Cost
It’s no secret that modular homes are usually cheaper than custom-built ones. But there is a misconception that they’re also less desirable. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how your home is built; if you want to get one for as little money as possible, you probably shouldn’t be buying new in general. (This isn’t true everywhere. Find out why modular homes might actually be more expensive than normal custom-built houses.) For example, builders can buy pre-cut materials from suppliers and get discounts on bulk orders of standard components. These deals don’t apply when you order custom-made items. Additionally, some modular homes use a factory assembly line process that allows workers to build multiple homes at once instead of just one home at a time like most custom builders do. This process not only saves time but also cuts down on labor costs by allowing workers to focus their attention on each home individually rather than having them multitask between multiple homes. In other words, even though there may be fewer people working on your home overall because production is handled by professionals rather than amateurs, each person involved will have more experience and know what he or she is doing because they won’t have to switch between projects frequently throughout construction.

Better Construction Quality
While modular homes do take longer to build, they also offer several advantages that can save you money over time. One of these advantages is that they are less likely to require homeowner’s insurance. The primary reason for reduced risk is that modular homes are built in a controlled factory environment. There is no lumber left outside exposed to weather or building materials left out with open access by workers and passersby. This greatly reduces opportunities for theft, accidents and vandalism on your property while it’s being built. In addition, your home will be designed with safe entry/exit points, which can also help decrease claims as well as make it more comfortable during construction as well. It’s important to note that these benefits only apply if you purchase a high-quality modular home. Low-quality modular homes may actually increase your chance of an accident due to poor design and inferior quality materials. If you’re considering purchasing a new home, talk with an experienced builder who specializes in modular homes about how they compare to traditional homes when it comes to home safety, construction quality and cost savings.
What are modular homes? Modular homes are constructed at a factory using high-quality materials and methods similar to those used in custom-built houses but at much lower cost. They typically arrive at your home site ready for final assembly so there is minimal disruption during installation.

Lower Risk Of Homeowner’s Insurance Claim
Despite what you may think, modular homes are less likely to be damaged during shipping and will require fewer repairs than site-built homes after they’ve been erected. That’s because site-built homes have to be constructed on-site, not in a controlled factory environment. Because modular homes go through rigorous testing at various points along their journey from plant to home, there is less risk of them getting damaged or destroyed before they arrive at your property. And fewer problems when it comes time to build means your home could actually end up costing you less than a custom home—in more ways than one! If anything does happen with your home while it’s being built, don’t panic. In most cases, damage can be repaired fairly easily with a quick trip to Home Depot. You won’t need an insurance claim for minor fixes like replacing broken glass or patching small holes in walls and floors. While that might sound like no big deal now, consider how much money you’ll save over time by avoiding costly homeowner’s insurance claims—especially if you plan on living in your home for decades (and even if you don’t). So let go of any preconceived notions about modular homes.

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