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Different Types of Apartments – Which One is Right for You?


You’ve decided that you’re ready to move out of your parents’ house, and you have also decided that it’s time to find your own place. You’ve never lived in an apartment before, so you aren’t really sure what to expect, but luckily, there are several different types of apartments available that can help you narrow down your choices. The key to finding the right one will be determining what it is you need out of an apartment, as well as being realistic about your budget. Let’s take a look at three types of apartments that are available today!

Fully-furnished apartments
If you’re planning to live in your apartment long-term, or if you simply don’t have time to furnish it yourself, consider a fully-furnished rental. These apartments are often more expensive than unfurnished units, but if you don’t mind that extra cost, they can be a convenient option. Renters looking to customize their space can choose from an extensive range of styles and layouts (and save money by providing their own furniture). Fully furnished rentals tend to be ideal for those who plan on staying in one place for a long time because they streamline the moving process. #2 The #1 Reason Why Your Business Is Failing: A lack of sales leads. This is no surprise to anyone who’s ever run a business. But what may surprise you is just how easy it is to fix…if you know where to look.

Convertible apartments
A convertible apartment—also known as a convertible unit or a sectional apartment—is an apartment that features a space that is large enough to be walled off and it can be used as a bedroom or a dining room. In case you’re planning on renting out your space, make sure you understand your rental market. If one person lives in it alone and isn’t planning on moving in any time soon, then an open-plan layout with no walls might be ideal. But if you plan on having roommates or running your own business from home, or have plans to expand within three years, consider getting separate bedrooms.

Shared apartments
There are two main types of apartments in Japan: shared apartments and single-family homes. It may sound scary, but a shared apartment (also known as a shakai-sūmu, or society house) can be a good option for many people living in Japan who are trying to save money, especially if you’re young or just starting out on your own. These residences can range from small studios that sleep one person to large buildings where multiple households share a kitchen and bathroom facilities. Many people also choose to live in these communal dwellings because they offer shared utilities like internet, gas, electricity and water—which can all add up fast if you’re living alone.

Student apartments
While it’s no secret that NYC has a reputation as an expensive city, most visitors (and even some natives) are surprised to learn that apartments in New York City are more expensive than almost anywhere else in America. According to Zillow, median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $3,300 per month. When you break down that number by square footage, it looks even more extreme: That’s $30 per square foot. As a point of comparison, according to Zillow data, median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago is just $1,425—less than half of what you’d pay in NYC!

New York City Apartments
Condos and Co-ops: When looking for apartments in New York City, it’s important to understand what a condo or co-op actually is. A condo and a co-op are both apartments, but they’re quite different from one another in that they operate under very different governing rules. Understanding these differences can save you some time and money as you search around and find an apartment you love.

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