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Brigade Parkside: Apartments That Abide by Vaastu Guidelines


Your apartment can make or break your sense of peace and well-being, so you may as well pick one that fits your needs. With newly-renovated apartments available at Brigade Parkside, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for studio apartments or two-bedroom units with attached balconies and garages. These apartments have something to offer everyone, including quartz countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, washer/dryer hookups, contemporary lighting fixtures, and hardwood floors throughout the home.

What is Vaastu?
The practice of Vastu Shastra, which means science of architecture in Sanskrit, is said to have evolved over several thousand years. The basic premise of Vaastu is that energy flows in a home (and thus through its residents) best when it’s unobstructed and directed along natural pathways—just like water will find its own way downhill. You can create these pathways with simple changes, like moving or removing furniture, or you can go all out and renovate a space according to your needs. So don’t be surprised if your realtor suggests a feng shui consultation before you settle on an apartment. I mean, they wouldn’t want you to miss out on an opportunity for good fortune! (And who knows?

5 Popular Vaastu Tips
The apartments at Brigade parkside in Bangalore were designed on principles of vaastu. There are a few simple tips for people looking to bring vaastu into their home or office. Keep only positive and uplifting books, art and energy around you. Remove all negative thoughts, words, feelings and emotions from your environment. Once that happens, negative forces won’t have anything to feed off of within your personal space. Plants are good indicators of positive energy because they absorb negative energy. If you notice they’re looking stressed, it could be a sign that there’s something wrong with your surrounding environment that needs some attention.

Finding the Perfect Home
Do you need to rent or buy? Do you have kids or a big family? How long do you want to stay? What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? These are just some of the questions that need answering before searching for a home. There’s no perfect one-size-fits-all answer, but it’s important to think about what your needs are first. Once you know that, finding an apartment that best meets those needs will be easier. For example, if you already own dogs and don’t plan on getting any more pets, then an apartment with a no pet policy won’t be ideal. Knowing what’s most important and putting that out front is vital when searching for apartments in Bangalore city.

Steps to Find the Best Location
Renting a home is one of those expenses that can be harder to control, but with some careful planning you can keep it in check. It all starts with choosing a location that’s right for you. What might be a perfect apartment for your cousin could be nightmare-inducing for you. You’ll also want to figure out how close your dream home is to work and where there are nearby shopping and entertainment options. Take these steps, and chances are good that you’ll find an apartment within budget on Sarjapur Road Bangalore or other locations near Brigade Parkside.

Structural Elements in a Home
Though it’s not a new concept, vaastu is getting renewed attention as technology evolves. The 5,000-year-old science of vaastu focuses on how to design our homes and workplaces to promote happiness and harmony. Following these guidelines is believed to reduce stress, increase productivity and even improve relationships within a home or office. These structural elements are found in Brigade Parkside apartments that adhere to vaastu guidelines

Colors and their Affect on Homes
Colors can impact our mood and energy levels. When you pick out new paint for your apartment, think about what sort of energy you want to create. Are you tired after a long day at work? Consider a soothing, calming color like blue or green. If you’re home feels stuffy and small, go for lighter hues that provide more space. Here are some suggestions based on a few common problems

Natural Elements in the Home that Purify Air
It is well-known that plants help purify indoor air. A NASA study proved that plants can remove toxins from indoor air, including benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. It recommends houseplants like English ivy, spider plant, golden pothos and peace lily to cleanse indoor air. Chinese evergreen and bamboo palm are also good choices for cleaning indoor air. You can place them in every room of your home to maintain its purity. Do not keep them near heating or cooling vents because they absorb moisture from their surroundings; mist them regularly to keep them healthy. Branches of lemon tree are also very useful for purifying indoor air as it absorbs more than 10% of carbon dioxide from its surroundings.

Interior Decorations, Objects, Appliances, Furniture… Etc.
At Brigade Parkside, apartments have been decorated to make it a homely space and not a mere concrete box. Designing your place with vaastu principles in mind is as important as making sure that every element of an apartment falls within ‘vaastu-compliant’ parameters. The word vaastu is derived from Sanskrit and means abode. It can be described as universal architecture that guides people on what they should do with their living spaces. In practice, vaastu means paying attention to certain details of home design before building or buying any property like colour schemes, feng shui placement of furniture etc.

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