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“Home is where the heart is.”

Owning a dream home is the fantasy of every individual…
An accessory dwelling unit, generally known as ADU is a residential space that is attachable to a house or can be built singularly. ADU is primarily like an additional residential structure which has risen tremendously in the past few years and will continue rising because of its multifarious features. These miniature homes can innovatively and effectively combat the economical housing crisis. ADUs also known as “granny flats” and “backyard cottages”, focus on social housing by balancing quality, durability and affordability.

ADUs are secondary properties which can boost the value of your home. The immeasurable adaptability provided by ADUs enables homeowners a non-compromising sharing with a family member. These budget-friendly dwelling units act like an extension to the built houses without changing the dominant features of the primary house.

Independent living spaces are the key feature of ADUs. Moreover, these ADUs are an amalgamation of utilitarian and decorative living spaces. The extra income, added proprietorial value and extensive spaces are a few appendages of ADUs.

Building an affordable house is possible for everyone through ADUs. Hence, ADUs are invariably a boon for folks who have envisioned an inexpensive space with a high return on investment.







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