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7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Plastic Furniture


If you have plastic furniture in your house, you’re not alone; many people these days prefer the lighter, more-durable option of plastic furniture. Still, it’s good to know that plastic furniture can be brought to life by giving it some new accessories, or even by reupholstering it with new fabric if you don’t like its look. Read on to find out how you can spruce up your plastic furniture with these seven ideas.

1) Pick a Paint Color
Whether you decide to paint a piece yourself or have it professionally done, painting is an easy way to spruce up your plastic furniture. Pick a color that complements your room’s design, such as a neutral shade for an office setting or a bold hue for a playroom. When choosing colors, keep in mind that lighter shades will provide more brightness, whereas darker hues can provide depth and definition. It’s also important to select furniture that comes in bright colors; if you have colorful furniture, it can make it harder for you to pull off other vibrant shades of paint on plastic. It’s all about balance!

2) Add Accent Pieces
If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your plastic furniture, consider adding some accent pieces. While plastic is usually fairly utilitarian, a beautiful statue or bowl of flowers can really spice things up. Just don’t use anything too heavy; you don’t want your furniture buckling under the weight of an overstuffed vase! There are several online sites where you can find small accent pieces that can be added to your existing furniture without much difficulty.

3) Replace Worn Seats
Small cracks and stains can detract from your furniture’s appearance, not to mention comfort. When it comes time for a repair, don’t worry about shelling out big bucks for new furniture—just replace your old or worn-out seat cushions. You can save even more by opting for secondhand cushions; in some cases, you might just be able to grab what you need from a thrift store. While you’re at it, make sure that everything else is in tip-top shape—no one likes having smelly or stained furniture! Don’t forget that cloth coverings are a great way to bring new life back into damaged pieces of furniture; all you need is an afternoon and some craft supplies!

4) Shop Around for New Accents
If you want to spruce up your plastic furniture but don’t have a lot of money, shop around for small accents or decorative items that can easily be added. Items like throw pillows, throw blankets and candles are simple but effective additions that can give a room a whole new feel. If you really want change up your living room or kitchen, look at reupholstering and repainting old chairs or cabinets; it’s cheaper than getting new furniture. You can also freshen up boring coffee tables with fun coasters and table runners. Using items you already have around your house will help reduce costs without sacrificing style.

5) Remove Built-In Lighting and Install Pendant Lights
If you have built-in lighting in your kitchen, removing it and replacing it with pendant lights is a great way to give any space a makeover. It can be done easily with help from an electrician and doesn’t require making big changes, just swapping out fixtures. Most homes will do well with at least one or two chandeliers, which will add elegance and style as well as serve as functional pendants. Larger spaces can benefit from ceiling lights as well – these also add to a room’s general ambiance. If you prefer overhead lighting, consider installing recessed light fixtures instead of traditional bulbs that dangle overhead.

6) Swap Out Light Fixtures
If you have light fixtures with pull chains or switches, consider swapping them out for new ones that you can control remotely. A great way to add style and convenience, these fixtures eliminate having to get up just so you can turn off a light or adjust its brightness. Plus, they’re simple enough that even do-it-yourselfers should be able to install one without much effort. All it takes is getting your hands on some inexpensive remote-controlled lighting kits and some basic tools like a screwdriver and wire strippers. Once installed, programming your lights is as easy as using your smartphone. And don’t forget about adding sensors so they only operate when necessary—this adds both safety and convenience while lowering utility costs.

7) Add Decorative Pillows
Not only are throw pillows good for decorating, but they’re also extremely practical. Add decorative pillows to your modular furniture so that you can use them on your bed, or add some to a folding chair for extra comfort and added color. Many plastic chairs come with cushions included, but you may want to add more if you plan on using them in different rooms around your house. If you’re just adding pillows for decoration purposes, however, it’s best not to get too bulky with them since an overstuffed cushion can actually be hard on a chair and cause it harm. Pillow casings made from quality fabric will last longer and fit better as well as providing some comfort when sitting back in a seat.

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