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5 Types of Sheds You Didn’t Know You Needed

Even though you may be thinking of building a shed, you might not realize there are several different kinds of sheds to choose from depending on the amount of space you have, the shape of your yard, and how you plan to use it. The most common types of sheds include the following: garden sheds, garage sheds, potting sheds, playhouses, and tool sheds. Here’s a brief look at five different types of sheds you might want to consider when building or ordering your own shed online.

1) How to Choose the Best Type of Shed
The most basic type of shed is a pent roof, or gable, shed. This style is probably one of the most simple designs to construct. It’s great for just about any size yard and can be easily attached to an existing structure. It’s also relatively affordable (when compared to other options) and doesn’t require much upkeep. Its many benefits come at a cost, however: there are no windows, meaning you will have no natural light in your shed and it won’t ventilate as well as other styles would. So, if you don’t mind dealing with some inconveniences in exchange for low costs, a pent roof is a good choice for you!

2) Things to Consider When Building a Pent Roof Shed
Building a pent roof shed is pretty simple and can be built in a weekend with just basic tools. But to build it right and maintain its appearance over time, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, use untreated lumber for your frame so it will resist rot. And while there are many different kinds of siding available, we recommend using cement-board siding as it will look great over time and requires little maintenance. Lastly, before deciding where to build your shed make sure that you have enough space between trees or power lines (if possible) to comply with local building codes. The Pent Roof style is perfect if you’re tight on space but still need plenty of storage. This type of shed is also one of the easiest to build and can be constructed in just a few days!
When designing your own backyard storage solution, consider these five types of sheds: #1 -The A-Frame Style Shed: An A-frame style shed features a gable roof design with a tall peak at one end. The apex creates more interior headroom than other styles and makes it easy to store taller items like ladders or kayaks on their sides. It’s also very sturdy because all rafters attach directly to each other without crossbeams at midpoint level.

3) Things to Consider When Building an L-Shaped Shed
If you’re considering building an L-shaped shed, it’s important to take into account a few things. For starters, if you have a large front yard and little side space then you might have enough room for an L-shaped shed. However, if your side yard is tight or narrow, then keep in mind that L-sheds are longer than they are wider. That means that your doors and windows will also be placed on longer walls; consider how that might affect where other doors and windows would need to go if you still want natural light inside. In addition, since these types of sheds often protrude farther out from your home than other designs, you’ll need extra outdoor outlets so as not to crowd any exterior walls or existing structures like decks and patios.

4) Things to Consider When Building a Lean-To Shed
Before you start construction, you may want to consider building a lean-to shed because they can be constructed on flat ground. This makes it easy to construct on uneven or sloped ground if your backyard slopes. They can also be built in any size, with little or no concern for permits. There are several things to consider when constructing a lean-to shed, including

5) Things to Consider When Building a Barn Style Outdoor Storage Unit
Barn Style Sheds- How Big Should It Be?- Is it something that you can build in your backyard? The style, size and materials needed all depend on how big you’d like it to be. While a smaller style will suffice for storing garden tools and grills, a larger design can handle more items as well as act as a storage facility for household furniture during winter months. Out of these 5 types, which one is best suited for your needs?

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