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5 Tips on how to make your home stand out


How to Make Your Home Stand Out

1) Make a wish list
Before you begin updating any of your home’s interior design elements, take some time to think about what it is that you want from a home. Sit down and create a wish list, writing down everything you wish were in your ideal home. No detail is too small—this is a blank slate after all. Think about things like whether or not you want a backyard, if having an open floor plan would be ideal for hosting parties, or if there are certain appliances that are non-negotiable (like an in-home wine cooler). Narrowing down these details will help ensure that when you do start investing in renovations, everything lines up with what it is that you really want from a home.

2) Prioritize and Edit
Listing a home is a difficult process, especially when you’re trying to sell in an already busy market. In order to ensure that your home stands out from other properties, focus first on choosing effective listing photos. These photos will be shown online and in print ads, which means they need to be high quality and unique. Schedule shoots for different times of day (morning, evening and night) so you can capture different moods—and try setting up additional lighting if possible. You’ll also want to avoid using cluttered shots with too many people or objects in them (furniture, kids, pets) as it tends to distract from what is important: your house!

3) Showcase your style with personal touches
In order to set yourself apart from other homes for sale, you need a way to convey who you are. Adding unique details throughout your house that reflect your personality will help buyers imagine themselves living there, which makes them more likely to buy. Start by painting a favorite color in every room or using different types of materials in each space. Create collections of items that show off hobbies and interests; add personal photos wherever possible. Pick up some new accessories that only come alive when they’re in their rightful place; upgrade something old with a new paint job or a new coat of stain. By showcasing what’s most important and meaningful to you, buyers will get an idea of what matters most to them—and it might just help you find love again at home!

4) Create interest through color
Think about it – we all choose our favorite outfits and possessions based on color. We want items that match, but we also want ones that pop. Colors in homes are no different. Sure, white is a great neutral and is probably worth considering when you’re deciding what color to paint your walls, but if you’re trying to create an environment for buyers who have dozens of options, you need something more. Think about ways that you can add interest through strong or beautiful colors like reds or yellows (but not too many at once). You’ll be making a home that stands out from other properties, even if they offer similar amenities and location. And don’t forget that you don’t have to use paint! If you want things like throw pillows or rugs to help with contrast, do it! You can really go bold here and break out of any traditional expectations people might have. The most important thing is to show potential buyers that your home offers something unique, special and exciting. That way, they won’t think twice before offering full price!

5) Keep it clutter free
No one wants to look at a house that has piles of boxes, toys and old furniture filling up every inch of space. A beautiful house can’t be determined by its clutter! Every room in your house should be able to be entered and easily navigated without having to walk over or around any boxes or moving supplies. Keep an eye out for things you no longer need and remove them immediately! Also, think about what you may want to move into another room so it doesn’t get lost in all of your clutter. For example, if you have a toy box full of games and puzzles but don’t play with them often anymore, move them into your kid’s bedroom so they have easy access to these items when they’re bored.

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