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5 Reasons to Choose a Stainless Steel Swimming Pool


When it comes to swimming pool construction, you have lots of choices to make. When looking at swimming pool construction material, most people first consider the type of pool they want (above ground or in-ground), then the shape and style of that pool, and finally the materials it’s made out of. For some people, building with stainless steel instead of traditional concrete will be an obvious choice due to the durability and lifetime warranty offered by this material. But what exactly makes stainless steel such a great choice? Here are five reasons to choose stainless steel over traditional concrete in your next swimming pool project.

1) Reliability
When you own a stainless steel pool, you don’t have to worry about cracked plaster or peeling paint or poor water quality or even mold problems. You don’t have to worry about porous concrete or green algae growing in any of your joints either. With stainless steel, all those maintenance concerns are a thing of the past. That said, some people do like being able to maintain their own swimming pools—but if you prefer not having to bother with such things, then a stainless steel pool is right for you. And there’s more: If you buy a high-quality product from an established manufacturer, you won’t have to spend time maintaining it for years and years. The value will continue to be there year after year, decade after decade—which means that purchasing a stainless steel pool could end up saving you money over time compared to other options. To get started finding out whether that’s true for your particular situation, contact one of our representatives today! We can help by providing pricing information and comparing various products and manufacturers so that you can make an informed decision as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

2) Durability
The surface of a swimming pool is generally 4-6 degrees warmer than that of nearby air, even in cooler weather. This can be enough to raise ambient outdoor temperatures by over 10 degrees on hot days. And since heat rises, water temperatures at greater depths tend to remain more constant and may feel up to 10 degrees warmer than shallower depths. Engineering stainless steel pools also require less energy for heating since they retain heat so well. The lower upfront cost of an engineered system plus these energy savings makes it an overall more economical choice. For example, compare how much you’d pay per month to heat two pools with similar surfaces: A conventional vinyl liner pool will average $40-$60/month while an Econoline (our highest efficiency model) will average $10-$15/month. That’s huge! Over 20 years, those numbers add up to tens of thousands of dollars saved!

3) Heat Retention
It takes much longer for sunlight to heat up water in stainless steel pools, but once heated, they retain that warmth better than other kinds of pools. That means they’re perfect for cool-weather climates where air temperatures dip down at night. In warmer climates, thermal pool covers can be used to help maintain consistent water temperatures. (If you live in an area that rarely dips below freezing, you might want a cover just to keep your pool safe from hungry critters.) Thermal covers are also great for people who don’t have access to reliable heating systems. You may even consider a solar blanket if you like swimming laps in cooler weather and would prefer not to swim with wet hair!
In addition, unlike most metal surfaces, our patented fiberglass panels are engineered specifically for swimming pools. They do not contain metal which makes them non-corrosive and therefore safer for your family and friends!

4) Ease of Use
A modular pool is pre-fabricated in stainless steel parts and transported on-site where it’s assembled. While traditional pools are built completely at their site, they require more construction time because they’re constructed in an ad hoc manner. Modular pools are also much easier to use, because no special tools or skills are required for maintenance and upkeep. That means your swimming area will always be ready for you—all you have to do is hop in! The latest technologies used for creating these sleek swimming areas ensure easy maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your new space and less time cleaning up after it. You won’t need any special training to operate your pool either; all of its functions are intuitively designed into one panel that makes operation as simple as pushing a button. You won’t even need a ladder to get in; simply step onto one of its raised steps and off you go!

5) Design Flexibility
The design flexibility of these pools is unparalleled and allows for multiple configurations, including rectangular shapes, free-form layouts and more. Moreover, there are also several available extras that allow you to customize your pool with accessories such as swim steps, special water features or loungers for extra comfort. As such, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to create exactly what you had in mind when it comes to swimming pools. Engineering Stainless Steel Pools offers pool owners engineering levels of customization not found anywhere else. Rather than offer a finite number of rigidly designed options, they take pride in being able to offer something custom built and designed by engineers right here in Australia who will listen closely as well as understand fully your pool building needs, desires and budgetary requirements as well!

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